How to Save on Business Energy Utility Costs

For any business large or small saving on commercial utility prices is something that should be managed correctly. So just how can you achieve savings in this area ?

If you’re a large commercial corporation you’ll probably have someone already managing utilities but for smaller businesses ensuring your business energy costs are as low as possible may be something you have left to one side.

Generally for small business owners if they have a high street shop or manufacturing business they just pay up and don’t even think that by switching suppliers any money can be saved. However you may be shocked to learn that if you just let your energy contract roll over each year the prices are far higher than you could get by switching today. Saving money on energy bills can be split into two distinct areas :

Switch your supplier or renegotiate your contract

Almost all business energy contracts for electricity and gas are fixed priced and for fixed term contracts. For most contracts in the small print buried away is a time period when you can give noticed to change supplier. If you do not notify your energy company you want to switch or renegotiated terms then you will be involved in a roll over contract automatically and this can mean much higher prices and rates for your business which in essence you have no control over.

So dig out your contract and see what terms are within in. Whatever they are notify your supplier you want to switch or negotiate terms then you can go onto a brand new contract for the next year. You’ll then benefit from lower prices and these can be as much as 30% lower than what you may already have. Certainly if you go to the British Gas business website they say upfront that you can save over £800 per year on electricity and £800 on gas because they know for most businesses and commercial operations that their contracts will have high pricing structures. So do that today if you have not already done so and then get online quotes from the major energy companies to see just how much you could save.

Reducing energy consumption

There are so many tips and techniques that are published on the energy companies websites that show you how to reduced consumption in your business. Many of these will be easy and obvious methods such as turning lights and machinery off when not required and / or swapping over to energy efficient light bulbs. But there are many more. For example if you have a smart meter because you are on half hourly metering then you should be able to analyse your electricity usage and see when the peaks and troughs are and find out who exactly is using the power.

There are also many business grants available for you to introduce new energy sources from renewable energy such as solar panels and mini wind turbines which can generate power for your business and if you generate too much you can sell this back to the national grid via feed in tariffs.

Whatever size of your business though you can certainly save on business energy and utility costs just by reviewing your bills and suppliers in a matter of minutes online.